Saturday, May 5, 2012


I have always had a secret crush on any screen. 
I truly think they are the most unused items!
Below are just a few in the shop,BRASWELL

This is a Chinese screen that is used on one of the Front Windows, 
however they let light in also.

These are fabulous! Steal & brass.
(these are used to separate work area from the shop)

Another with Glass & fret work.

This is a Japanese two panel screen

 Painted(on both sides)

forming a room!

Coconut hulls in this fabulous one(there are 2/two of these screens)

Chinese window screen(used as wall hangings)

Screens I got in Alabama!
They have the original glass with a diamond pattern.
I love the patina of the wood.

Dear Readers, Tell me your stories.
How do you use screens?
I would love to hear. 

Love, Peggy

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  1. Love yours Peggy. I have a set of dark painted Chinoiserie screens that I am thinking of repainting in a lighter fresher look with gold of silver leaf added.

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    Art by Karena

  2. Karen, thank you for leaving a comment. Means a lot to me. xxpeggy

  3. I love that first Chinese screen such intricate detail in the carving! I too adore screens.
    Carla x

  4. Is that what you call them "screen"..I like

  5. Hi Marie..yes they are called screens.thanks for
    stopping by. love peggy