Thursday, July 25, 2013

Round Glasses

I am obsessed with round glasses - regular ones + sunnies.
Don't know why and don't care why... just obsessed! 
I'm sure it has something to do with my long face.
On Pinterest, I have a board devoted to them. 

The round glasses are my reading glasses - thank you SB!
My mom gave the watch in the cloche(my grandfather's) to Gardner, my son.
I am keeping it for him.
The yellow book, (Draw Your Mind - sweet Janet gave to me) I keep all my notes.

So Chic

Look at all of these!

 Chic "OLD" round glasses.

Chanel round!

I had a vintage pair like these in tortoise that I lost - Boo hoo! 

So funny!!!!!! 
As they use to say, "The Cat's Meow"
Round glasses even look good on kitties.

Which one do you like, dear readers?
Maybe roundies aren't your cup of tea...

Tell me what you like!



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Friday, July 19, 2013

Pink Antler Table Setting

For a dinner party I used pink antlers, potted paperwhites, candles & moss.
 Just had to paint the pots white.

  Velvet pumpkins as a place card holder with my son's name on it.
Peeking out is the Pierre Frey fabric on the chairs. 

Love the numbers on the napkins!

Velvet pumpkins!

Adore the potted paperwhites!

The paperwhites stand at attention.

Beautiful blossoms!
 They last for at least a week. 

The smell from these paperwhites are wonderful!

Wonderful pink Lucite antlers, candles & moss. 

With candles lit, the table looks divine, if I must say so.

Here you get a good look at the napkins with the embroidered numbers on them.
I adore this table setting!
Tell me what you think of it, dear readers
I value all of your comments.
Till we meet again...



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Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Illustrations- Geoffrey Beene + Hanae Mori

International Fashion Calendar

I have chosen Geoffrey Beene + Hanae Mori to show you this time from the fabulous 1993
International Fashion Desk Diary by Shirley Kennedy.

 Geoffrey Beene

From the moment he burst onto the fashion scene, the name Geoffrey Beene has reflected originality of design, innovative use of fabrics, and thoroughly modern comfort.
Geoffrey Beene took distinct pleasure in knowing his couture collections inspired both timeless and futuristic designs embraced by both the urban chic and suburban sophisticates – that his vision translated seamlessly from his New York atelier to Main Street ready-to-wear.

A design pioneer, Geoffrey Beene always dressed the body in balance, even as his designs evolved from architectural to flowing soft structure. He had the “masterstroke of a George Balanchine in dance and Ellsworth Kelly in painting.” He challenged the American fashion establishment by creating haute couture for women and classic, superbly tailored styles for men that married comfort and luxury to timeless aesthetic simplicity and exquisite detail.

Geoffrey Beene was obsessed not only with the notion of comfort, but took inspiration from sports as well. His signature wit translated t-shirts, tank tops and varsity-stripes into a new playing field that combined fashion and fun: sequin numbered football jersey gowns, colorful racing silk tunics and the basic sheath or jumpsuits with zippers placed unconventionally and provocatively to showcase the body.

The above dress is so timely, so classic with its black sequins and stretch net!

Panne velvet is my favorite fabric, 
this has black velvet, outlined in sequins 
and white silk fraile.

Hanae Mori


Hanae Mori studied Japanese Literature at Tokyo Women’s Christian
University. After her marriage, she started studying design, and in 1951 opened her first studio in Tokyo. Soon she became involved in the growing post-war Japanese movie industry and designed costumes for more than hundred films.

In 1965 she presented her first Collection abroad in New York, which was highly acclaimed as “East meets West”. Prestigious stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and I. Magnin recognized the individuality of her designs and ordered her dresses. In 1975, she presented her Collection in Paris, where in 1977 she opened her Haute Couture Maison. She has been the only Asian designer to be admitted as a member of La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne for 27 years.

Madame Mori’s achievements include costume designs for opera “Madame Butterfly” at La Scala in Milan in 1985, for “Elektra” at 1996 Salzburg Festival, and for "Arabella" at NEW NATIONAL THEATRE TOKYO in 2010. She also designed the costumes for Paris Opera Ballet’s “Cinderella”, directed by Rudolf Nureyev in 1986.

She was named a “Officier de la Legion d’Honneur” in France in 2002, and received the “Order of Culture” in Japan in 1996.

This evening gown features Hanae Mori's signature butterflies
and blue-green print of undulating waves.

 An embroidered black chiffon low-cut evening gown
features a full-sweep skirt + matching ruffled stole.

Magic words: 
brush-stroke printed chiffon evening gown
in black & white. It has a graceful draped bodice.

Aren't these wonderful, dear readers?

Hope you enjoy these. 



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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th Of July!

The women below are dear friends & me (sitting).

We were at a picnic on the water in NW Florida.

Hope you are having fun this 4th of July, dear readers!