Friday, April 27, 2012

Barkley - New employ of the month at BRASWELL

We have a new employee of the month at BRASWELL
His name is Barkley!
We think he is a Bichon mix, however he was a rescue (the best kind) so 
 we can't be sure.

He is dearly loved! 

So adorable, so good, and what a personality!

Here he is getting to know another doggie friend

One of the rainy days in CA, he went for a walk in his new raincoat.

Some of you, dear readers, remember Jackson.
 Jackson was the kitty we had for 18 years.

He is chasing butterflies now!

Jackson, you are missed.

Love to each of you,


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  1. Sweet. I have the best assistant - and security guard!
    My dog Bentley never talks back and he keeps me happy.
    Our creatures really have the best life!

    1. hurrah for Bentley! assistant+guard. thanks for the comment.