Friday, January 28, 2011

BRASWELL Floor Model Sale

BRASWELL is a shop that carries- furniture, accessories, antiques and one of a kind custom furniture. 

All of our custom furniture is made locally in Los Angeles. We also do studio rentals. 

Our annual Floor Model sale starts Feb 1st -Feb 18th. All Floor models in the shop are 20% off. 

BRASWELL is located at 6025 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232- (2 blocks west of La Cienega Blvd.)

We are open Tues - Sat 10 - 6 and by appointment

(This offer cannot be combined with other discounts)

Love to see you at  BRASWELL!

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Daybeds- a solution!! Below is before pillows & roll were added.
The daybed is the ideal solution for that small home office/guest room.

During the day you want it be a sofa but when guests come! Voila-

The mattress (a standard twin)is covered in a red fabric which twin sheets cover for that over night guest-but during the day how about a quilted roll (any fabric will do-I like them quilted) it acts as pillows at each end, keeps mattress clean, a coverlet to get under when chilly, great idea don't you think?
above you see a close up of the quilted roll and pillows (European Squares) I designed for the daybed-the pillows are stripped on one side and red (mattress fabric) on reverse.

 Iron daybed (twin mattress) covered in Sunbrella with a stripped roll(in an outdoor room I designed)
Daybeds are my answer to any area where you might want a sofa(sitting) that becomes a  bed for your sleepy guest!- or maybe just you taking twenty winks(a nap)

As a designer, I am always looking for new ways to make areas have dual functions.
Tell me about your office/guest room or any room ideas you may have?

Have a fantastic weekend!

To see your vision come to life, email us about our design services at Peggy Braswell Design

You can purchase many of the items found on this blog, according to BRASWELL and much more at  BRASWELL

We will work with the trade.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blast from the past- Antonio's Girls

When I was taking pictures of the office bookcases(posted 1/2011) for this blog,

I found a book that was signed and given to me by the incredibly talented fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez. The book is called Antonio's Girls(1982).  

as I had not looked at it for some time,I started to flip through the pages + was amazed with the body of work he produced.



A sketch by Antonio- a woman turns into a shoe/ well, I don't know about you!! but I love shoes so it does not get any better than this!!!!

"shoe metamorphosis" -1978

A Norma Kamali ad

above -
China campaign, 1980

I adore this one-look at the detail. there are about 128 pages in this fab. book + each page is more divine then the next- more to come on another post...I promise!!!!!
Isn't he an amazing Talent?????

Friday, January 21, 2011

Remedies for Feng Shui

I don't know about you dear reader but if you are like me- I adore Feng Shui. I have studied Feng Shui over the years, it has been invaluable in my production experience & my design business. Our homes are where we socialize, bring up children, live as a family, enjoy relationships and now work at home. I have found I use the 8 remedies for myself + clients time and again. The thing to remember is that you can not do any harm by introducing a remedy & often I just have to move things around before I produce positive results. The Flow of Ch'i through your home or office likes harmony and beauty, cleanliness+balance -it dislikes straight lines that make it flow too quickly, being trapped in confined areas-if you suspect that Ch'i is not flowing freely you may find it manifests itself in life as loss of money, relationship, lack of friends, inability to relax, or perhaps health issues.


1. Mirrors- placed facing outwards towards whatever is regarded as incorrect. Bad neighbors, dark corners -

2. Plants-this is recommended when the Ch'i is weak in a room-most of us can tell if a room is not welcoming-put a potted plant(something living)cut flowers or dried flowers are frowned on as they have no life-the plants should be well taken care of-

3.Mechanical Devices- anything that does the job of work can be used to help the dull Ch'i. Yes, a perfect place for a computer, telephone!

4. Color- any room that you feel stress or irritable Feng Shui says paint in pale color(your preference on color)  You can introduce color with bed fabrics, paint effects on walls, plants(flowering) fruit, or colorful books. 

5. Movement-stirs up the Stagnate Ch'i-mobiles, wind-chimes, flags, silk banners, smoke from incense, flowing water(small fountain), hammocks, movement is associated with relationship enrichment so movement stops things getting stale or being taken for grated. 

6. Stillness-any beautiful object, piece of driftwood, unusual stone. Stillness in a small apartment  can be introduced with a picture that looks like sculpture- in an area you can relax in with a good book, or listen to music- in a Chinese home the stillness area would be a place to provide a focus for spirituality. 

7. Sound-harsh noises cause Ch'i to become inharmonious-wind-chimes, bells, water fountain, ticking clock,  can tame the Ch' your CD player, that's another way to tame the Ch'i. A radio would be a sound remedy in your bedroom. 

8. Bamboo flutes(go on the internet - inexpensive), scrolls, fans can break up the Ch'i and deflect it into other rooms..If your home has beams that the ch'i can flow too quickly...use one of the suggestions above.

I truly think Feng Shui is just good ole common sense-Ch'i likes harmony, beauty, order, spaciousness and gentle curves-it dislikes clutter, straight lines and neglected areas. Often times a
good spring-cleaning, some freshness is all that you need to do to an area-and you will feel the difference. Feng Shui Masters say your home, car,  reflects your inner self-hmmmmm I believe that is sooo true. 

Let me know if you have any remedies... would love to hear from you!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Facelift for a IKEA Expedit Bookcase

 The above picture is one of the EXPEDIT IKEA Book Cases in my design 
studio. We gave it a little face lift added legs and crown moulding to top & bottom.

This is what an EXPEDIT book case from IKEA originally looks like.

I added 2-1/2" crown moulding at the to.

 On the bottom I added 4" moulding and 8" legs.

I have two bookcases,  I adore them for books,magazines, fabric samples or anything I might need. The baskets i keep my office supplies are from IKEA as well.

The added touches makes a huge difference-don't you think?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Brunschwig & Fils Los Angeles

This is one of my favorite showrooms in the LA design center( Brunschwig & Fil-6th fl- blue building)

All of their lines are divine (26 in all) but more than that- I love the people + customer service.  
 I usually stop at the Design Center (with clients/or without) + visit THIS showroom.

 This is Marla Kay who manages the Brunschwig & Fils showroom. Marla worked in Fashion in New York,then came to LA(our gain) managed J Robert Scott, Hinson and when Hinson was acquired by Brunschwig & Fils she brought her magical crew with her. I can't say enough nice things about this group of people-they follow up & for any business that is 90% of the solution. 

There are 26 lines  

Vaughn (one of lighting lines) 

+Lights, furniture, fabrics, accessories

Lots of goodies for your home 

Houles USA-Alex Garcia of Houles happened to be there the day I took these pictures-
Adore Houles

 Garrett Leather Samples 

 Adorable bird sconce

Look at that round light fixture(far right)-unusual!

Beautiful fabrics-all over the showroom

And those magical folks at Brunschwig-don't they make good looking group?
What is your favorite showroom? 

Brunschwig & Fils Los Angeles is located at the Pacific Design Center
8687 Melrose Ave. B653 Los Angeles, CA 90069 
Tel. 310.659.9800
Showroom hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Contact Marla Kay here. 

Sketches by Gianni Versace

Here are some images from the1993 Desk Calendar by Shirley Kennedy (given to me by Wallace Bond) sketches from Gianni Versace-(descriptions under picture)+more designer sketches to come soon! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do...

Bravo: two of Versace's costumes designed for the 1990 opening of the San Francisco Opera with "Capriccio", music by Richard Strauss.

Encore: November 14, 1986 marks the Brussels Debut of the ballet, "Malraux ou la metamorphose des Dieux". Choreography by Maurice Bejart, customes by Versace.  

"En pointe" December 20, 1988, Versace creates the costumes for Roland Petit's ballet, "Java Forever" which opened the French Bicentennial celebrations and starred Zizi Jeanmarie and Eric VuAn. 

To see your vision come to life, email us about our design services at Peggy Braswell Design

You can purchase many of the items found on this blog, according to BRASWELL and much more at  BRASWELL

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