Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Ideas

I thought it would be grand to see some Wedding ideas.
I love weddings!
They are such happy occasions

this wedding cake table takes the cake(no pun intended)


what a good idea


love blue and white on a table.


such a beautiful centerpiece arrangement


Ok this is wonderful,
no trouble finding your table


love this one
look at the lighted chandeliers ...


have been in love with hanging balls of flowers


speaking of hanging(and I was above)
look at those flowers
 aren't they divine


what a special tribute to a special Grandmother.


I think these are so fabulous .
a favor at each place.


Wow what a dance floor!


leave it up to Colin Cowie
 who does unbelieveable weddings 

So there you have some wonderful wedding ideas
Dear reader, tell me what was your favorite.
and I will tell you my favorite.
I would love to hear from you.



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New York, Part II- Walking Around, Central Park and more

I started  my journey to NY on Virgin America, what a nice airline it is...

A view of NY

My son picked me up at the airport in his 1978 restored Ford. It is so cool. 
What a treat!
Here we are getting out of the car to go grab something to eat.

My daughter & I took Mr. Wilson (LA dog, now NYC dog) to Central Park for a walk.
Mr. Wilson lives right across the street from the park.
Here he is looking at the zoo (no dogs allowed).
 Sorry, Mr. Wilson!

A beautiful view of the skyline.

A dogwood in bloom in Central Park.
Spring has sprung.

Everyone was at the park that day.

Even the ducks were having a good time.

Central Park is so beautiful. 

Hotel Cassa breakfast -Yummy!
Hotel Cassa was home - A big thank you to Troy Pade, the general manager.

 Fifth Ave, lots of people walking
Louie Vuitton and many more.

Apple store.

Walking around NY

This is the Camper shop.
I thought the windows - wicker woven with chairs & tables - was unique!

Inside they had wicker also...
They are getting ready for summer.

Times Square, a land mark!
Had to take this shot.

St. Patrick's Cathedral  is under construction but still open.

Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn

Night time in  NY from my cab.

Walking around in NY is so exciting!


So I bid farewell to New York..Amid some tears I confess...
I had such a grand time.
Thank you to my son & daughter. 

 I really saw lots + had a wonderful time.



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Friday, September 5, 2014

Powder Room & Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms & powder rooms can be done in so many different ways. 
That is why, for my money, they need to be fantastic. 
These below are just the best. 

Look at the pulls & the mirror.

You could do this by painting a metal table orange. 

Love these doors peeking into the bath

Mirror hanging over the window. 

Sooo chic.


Of course I adore this one.
Purple walls & the lighting.

Open shelves-
The mirror  reflecting the window to the outside.


Delicious - the lantern.

Love the paintings lining the walls.

Monsieur + madame on the floor - 
Made out of tile and set in the floor.

Love the mirror.


The placement of the mirrors are wonderful.  

Outdoor bathroom, adore this idea.

 I have a client that has a light fixture like this one.
 (below you can see it) 


We spray painted it orange and put twinkle lights in it.
 Used it for an outdoor party.


So here you have some bathrooms design ideas.
All of these are delicious. 
Tell me, dear readers-
which ones are your favorite?

Write a comment, I am longing to hear.



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