Friday, May 18, 2012

Loft Kitchen Makeover in DTLA - Before

I am doing a kitchen makeover in a loft in Downtown LA for a friend/client.
Here are a few pictures of the feeling the client  wants - Chinese/modern.

 An antique Chinese chest on one wall in the dining room.

 This is looking at the other wall in the dining room.
There are two walls in the dining room and a window wall.

Here are pictures of the current kitchen, pre makeover.

 We will get a new stove - this old stove is 36" W
the new one will be 24" W, as we need the space.

 Right now the kitchen is functional!

 The color scheme will be black, red, taupe.

 It is a galley feeling kitchen, long & narrow.
The loft is a corner unit and the views of downtown LA are amazing. 
I promise to take a night shot.

 We will take the cabinet down & install floating shelves for storage to showcase all the wonderful things she has collected over the years and inherited! 

The house keeper at her post - thank god!
Pipes are a constant in a loft all over the ceiling generally and this unit isn't an exception. 

We hung a chandelier in the kitchen she had.

 We're going to cover the chandelier when construction starts!
We will show "after" shots of the kitchen, I promise.
I adore lofts!
So open and so many possibilities.

This loft is truly wonderful.

So dear readers, here we go on an design adventure.
Before & after the renovation,
stay tuned.

Love, Peggy

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  1. I can't wait to see Peggy... lots of pics please.. I need inspiration! xv

    1. Hi VA-I promise to take lots of pictures-it will be amazing. Thanks for the lovely comment. love peggy

  2. Nice space to start with and I am sure it will be a great result. Waiting for more images...

    1. I will take lots of pictures as I promised-thanks for your sweet comment. love peggy