Friday, November 30, 2012

2 Table Settings for the Holidays

Blue & White

These ladies are my favorite candle sticks.
They were given to me on a birthday.
I have never seen others like them.
 Don't they have the sweetest faces.

I used these lovely wine bottle jackets as a napkin holder.
You can use anything you have.

Tiny gifts!
 Always a sure bet + an ice breaker at each person's plate. 

Salt and pepper at each place.

You don't have to have flowers!
I often use greenery from around my home.
Anything that will hold water can be used as a vase/container.

Candlelight flatters everyone!

Chinese baby shoes were also a gift to me. 
I adore them.

I love to use different glasses on the table.
Always have red & white wine + red & white glasses on the table.
You can never guess what someone prefers.

Blue & White

Another setting for a dinner party using antlers.

Grandmother, Ruby, made this tablecloth. 
It is so beautiful.  Aren't I lucky?

I like to mix china pieces & silver together.

I keep a bag of moss handy for those times when I need something.

Candle light never fails to make one look divine. 

Those antlers are a treasure. 

The BIG napkins have monogrammed numbers! 

Look at the puppets that hang in my dining room. That's for another post...

And above it all, a chandelier brings light.
You bring the love & joy!

Happy table settings, dear readers!

Just remember,
 make it simple and be the wonderfully creative beings you all are.
Others will adore you for it.



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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Guess who came to dinner?

Barkley is ready to be served!

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Dear readers, I have such gratitude for each of you! 



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CELEBRATIONS! - Announcement, Peggy Braswell Design


One of my favorite things is planning parties; coming up with themes, decorating tables, and making sure everything looks Just right.

Over the years, I've planned countless parties for clients and friends for many different occasions using my background in production and catering.

I'm happy to announce a new service Peggy Braswell Design is now offering. 

Peggy Braswell Design will plan your next celebrations. Nothing is too big or too small - Weddings, birthdays, any holidays you could possibly think of or even a romantic dinner for two!

From soup to nuts, we will bring loads of inspiration and knowledge to make your celebration special.

Just sit back and relax!  

Below pictures are some of the events Peggy Braswell Design has produced. 


To see your vision come to life, email us about our design services at Peggy Braswell Design.

Friday, November 16, 2012

1993 Revisited- Marianne Vanderwilt + Pierrette B.

1993 Revisited

From the 1993 International Fashion Desk Diary 
by Shirley Kennedy - this is the cover.

These illustrations are from Marianne Vanderwilt
she makes a collection of leather & suede. 
Look at her drawings below.

Cherry red French lambskin is perfect.
For the long jacket + matching scarf trimmed in fox.
 The knee-length skirt has a flattering high waistband.

A short top with pleated collar and cuffs
tops tight pants with pockets.
Look at the shoulder pads-

Smoky purple smooth leather
for a tight waisted peplum jacket & matching leather skirt.

Pierrette B.

Taken From the 1993 Desk Diary-a little bit about her.

She & husband Rolf Braunchweig created, manufactured and sold worldwide. In her words,  
"We design for the active, modern women of today. Our easy fitting
will make her fashionably happy"

a smashing fuschia and scarlet full-skirted wool trenchcoat
with a quilted grape lining.
I could wear this today.

Olive green and camel wool/cashmere bubble coat. 
 Finished off smartly with a fringed scarf and leather piping.

Cozy & cuddly: 
a swingy big-shoulderer, fleecy coat in tangerine  
tied and fringed for dramatic trim.

This is a blast from the past. 
Aren't they divine? So retro! 

So treasure this desk diary given to me by my godfather. 

What do you think about the fashion, dear readers?



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