Friday, September 28, 2012

Santa Monica Airport Flea Market

I ventured forth to the Santa Monica flea market on Sunday!
It is on the 1st and 4th Sunday of the month.

It is called the Airport Market because it is right next to the Santa Monica Airport. There's plenty of parking. 
You can hear & see the planes taking off and land.

Here we go to the Market!

Open from 6am to 3pm on the first and fourth Sunday of every month 

(323) 933-2511

Here is one of the parking areas. 

Interesting vendors with pop-up shade. 

Tons of beads to be found here. 

I loved this car all done up with lipstick & eyelashes!

Glassware sparkling in the sun, you can see a runway behind the fence. 

All kinds of plants to take home. 

Folks looking & shopping.

This is The Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport. 

Since I am from Pensacola, Florida (Home of the Blue Angels) - this Blue Angel Navy & Gold plane was exciting to see. 

A volunteer was working on this plane, getting it all ready!


All in all, I had a wonderful time going to the Santa Monica flea market. 
What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.
You can grab a quick bite, then tour the museum.
As we come up on another Sunday, what are your plans, dear readers-



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Friday, September 21, 2012

Architectural Happenings- Garden, Part 3

This is part 3 of my friend / client's magnificent garden in Southern California.

There may be a few more posts of this garden depending on the amount of pictures.

These are a variety of blue hydrangeas.

There are hundreds of these glorious flowers throughout the garden!

This is at the front of the house/garden.

A wonderful hammock

A beautiful place to rest at the front of the house
(There are places to rest all through the garden)

 View of the archway/vine.

The glorious walkway to the tennis court at upper level

This is the walkway outside the lower level of the home.

Outside the office on the lower level.

Another outside area on the lower level - Look at that view!

Lanterns in the trees light up in the evening.

 Terrace off the lower level.

 Paths among the terrace.

This is a view off the lower level.

Another view from the lower level.

Looking up the pathway to the tennis court.
This garden is so beautiful - has taken years to perfect.
 It is an on going project!

Hope you have enjoyed walking with me on this garden tour.
(more to come)

Have a wonderful weekend dear readers.



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Friday, September 14, 2012

Architectural Happenings- Garden, Part 2

This is part 2 of the garden blog of a client/friend's home in Southern California.

 This use to be a full size tennis court and now it's party central!

I am big on eye falls and here they abound.

 Tents, umbrellas, fabulous peeling murals, bocce ball court and casitas -
take a look with me.

Peeling mural on one of the walls of the tennis court.

We bought this chandelier in San Francisco on a shopping trip. 
We spray painted it orange, then filled it with Christmas tree lights.

This is the fixture lighted for a party at  night time.

The chandelier we used is called the "Neo Baroque Chandelier" from Abigail Ahern. 
Pictured above is from her website.

They come in two colors and they have two different sizes.

 I used the large white one.

This is what it looked like before lights & spray paint.

This is looking towards the entrance to the tennis court, an oblique on the court.

This oblique moves around the garden - Here it is at the entrance of the house before a party.

One of the tents on the court!

Entrance to the tennis court with purple lanterns hanging.

An interesting eye fall - what your eye sees when you enter a home.

My client built these casitas (which means a small house) to use as storage on the tennis court. She painted and put tile roofs on them. Cool idea.

Isn't that fountain beautiful?

 A view of the casitas.

Bocce ball court

Chairs at the ready surrounding the bocce ball court.

We used rugs to shade a viewing portion of the bocce ball court.

These are the poles that hold up the rugs for shade.

I adore this whole outdoor area.

What great use of a unused tennis court.

What do you think of my client's home?

Dear readers, let me know.

Have a lovely weekend!




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Friday, September 7, 2012

Chinese Antique Shopping

I went shopping with a client for Chinese furniture.

Found a shop in Chinatown that has a large separate warehouse nearby. 
Los Angeles has lots of Chinese products. 

What fun we had!

The warehouse was huge with tons of items!

Here are just a few photos of what we saw-

This was such an amazing place!

The warehouse had so many rooms to wander through. 

I will show in a future post what my client bought. 
Real Chinese antiques are getting harder to find- real antiques not replicas...

Li Hing Of Hong Kong, Inc.


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