Friday, June 28, 2013

Table Settings From Pinterest

Here are a few table settings that are fabulous.
Be creative, use your imagination and you will have great fun! 

Blue, white + red is always good-
 Just the placemats or on a wooden table would be grand with this...

 Greenhouse dinner tablescape - Carolyne Roehm 

Isn't this the best?
 Love the monogrammed touch.
 Simple & beautiful.  

 French Royal Palace Dining Room and Chandeliers at Louvre Palace

This is a little more upscale, ya think?

 Carolyne Roehm.  Love how the table is keyed off the outdoor setting 

Nothing says spring like tulips - they are on the table and growing!

 blue + white + roses..yes

I am a push over for blue & white, anything but this setting is divine.
Put those blue & white pieces you have on the table. 

 ST yard could look like this...

Such a wonderful wedding setting.
 Everything is ready to go!

 table with chairs 

Adore the touch of green in this picture.
I counted 4 chandeliers, how many did you count?

 The Stoneleigh Hotel 

No one better than Dorothy Draper, in my opinion...

 blue dishes

Love lily of the valley in the mint julep cups and monogrammed chairs.
This is truly great! 
We southerners do love us some monograms.

 love this

This is so delicious looking, love that they used the deer - I think he is on a steel post- on
the table. 
You can use almost anything you have, I do.

 .simple but beautiful

Rustic with pine cones, paper whites and tulips.

 ^Outdoor dining!

This is just charming...

 hanging flowers, boxes at each place 

I thought this was so unique.
Love the flowers hanging over.
Hmm, will try this for my clients one of these days.

 Decorating Tables 

Put the bride & groom at the round table at the end.
Good idea!
As you can see, dear readers, these pictures are just full of great ideas. 

 copper chandelier, such a cool idea

Dress up a light above the table, it will be a conversation piece.

 outside in   avignon...


Any place outside can be set up for a lovely supper.
Love that chandelier!

I love this blog + what a simply beautiful table setting.

so divine 

Look at her website, she is so funny and has great taste.

 peonies, blue + white...

Blue & white all mixed together with white  and pink peonies.
Peonies must be from the East coast-
We can not grow them in Southern CA. 
We can only get them at the flower market.


Isn't this lovely?
Looks like Christmas with the pine. 

 so beautiful 

A dinner at home.
 You can always use candles, everything looks great under candle light.

Blue & white is always great, and I love it!
This is a Thanksgiving table with fresh flowers.

 can't have too many candles! 

What a great idea to use bottles with candles...

See what I mean, all these ideas are now yours, dear readers.

Make a lovely table setting tonight for you and your loved ones.
Everyone will love it, trust me! 
Dear readers, Tell me about your table settings.

I would love to hear from you. 



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Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day Of Summer

The above photo gives you a grand picture of the sand and water.

That is a picture of Ashley, my daughter when she was little. 

Ashley was so adorable in those white sun glasses. 

That is seaweed that has washed up on the beach. 

Ashley had the curliest hair when she was little!

Hmmm, don't know who that little boy is!

The pictures were taken in Pensacola, Fla.

They have the whitest sand and bluest water...

Ashley, my daughter was having such a grand time!

What are you doing for the summer, dear readers?

Happy Beginning of Summer!



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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

That's my sweet daddy in the picture above!
The picture was taken somewhere in Florida on a winter's day.  
He was kind, generous + loved me very much.

I don't know where we were when this picture was taken but I do love & treasure it!
He got to see me in my wedding dress! Yeah.
Wherever you are dad, I love you. 

Here is another dad and his daughter! 
She was three weeks old.

Here is the same little girl at 1 year giving her dad a kiss.
We all love our Father's.

Happy Father's Day!
to all the Father's everywhere!



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