Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Party Ideas

I love summer parties.
In fact, I adore them.
Aren't I blessed to be in Southern CA. 


Adore mixing patterns of china.

Isn't this a clever use of lemons with leaves?

This ice bar is just something else.

I can't have too many candles.
Can you?

Delicious looking!

Love the chandeliers hanging!

What a shrimp bowl!

Simply beautiful.

What a charming table-

Twinkle lights are a favorite! 

As I was saying, outside is a favorite place.
Isn't this charming?

The chandeliers just make this table! 

How beautiful is this?

Lights everywhere!

Look at the tablecloth made out of flowers!
Just beautiful.

Many of these pictures are for weddings 
but could be wonderful for parties for friends. 

Which one was favorite, dear readers?
Let me hear from you. 



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  1. Hello Peggy

    Those are adorable settings. All foods taste delicious when taken outdoors. We have been taking picnics at the beach. Quite simply, a thermos of tea and some smokes salmon sandwiches and fresh fruit.

    1. hi helen, thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a sweet peggy

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  3. Love them all Peggy! Yes, SoCal is so beautiful!


    1. Hello dean glad you stopped by and thanks for the comment. love peggy

  4. How gorgeous!!! It makes me want to think of a reason to throw a party!

    xoxo, M-T

    1. yes, yes, yes, give a party outdoors. love, peggy

  5. Oh Peggy, I was born and raised in Southern California (south central L.A.) so I know the party feel to summertime! These images evoke a celebration of year-round entertaining for California! I was there this past Christmas: 85 degrees on Christmas day! But when we came home to Minneapolis, the temps were as low as -50. Can you imagine that?

    That ice bar is SPECTACULAR!

    Thank you kindly for coming to visit me. Enjoy your weekend and PARTAY!

    1. Hi, yes S Ca is the will have to get in touch with me your next trip to CA. love peggy