Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fashion Illustrations- Jill Fitzsimon + John Galliano

Love these sketches from the 
International Fashion Desk Diary by Shirley Kennedy.
Always excited when I can show you these lovely drawings.

The following three are by Jill Fitzsimon from Australia.
Any of these could be in style, today.
Her work reflects ecological concerns + Australian nature.

"Leapin' Lizards"
The frill neck lizard is unique to the Australian Desert.
The slim dress is silk/rayon jersey.
The Lizards body is patterned with diamente and silken metallic tulle.

"Clown Trigger Fish"
Has a surreal color pattern of acidic yellows, white & black.
This is printed on lightweight wool/cashmere in a cosy clutch coat. 

 "Rain Forest Parrot"
Rests his head gently on her + wings into flight.
In the shoulder-hugging shawl which is attached to the dress.
Scarlet, fuschia, gold + white threads are interwoven in delicate silk 
in a short strapless evening gown.

These next three are from John Galliano.
He started designing his own collections in 1984.

"Love in bloom"
A yellow freesia background sets off
the romantic rose patterned jacket which is decollete
+ boned in the traditional Edwardian corsety style.

"Summer sonnet"
A petite dress with a velvet tartan-plaid corset bodice
set off by a flower-laden cellophane train.
Red tulips heighten the romantic effect.

"Iris purple haze"
The dress is a collage of slashed silk chiffon
delicately caught with ivory seed beds to 
produce a rough-cut diamond effect. 
A generous train of chiffon displays 
delicate shades of pinks, greys + blacks.

Dear readers,
tell me which one is your favorite.

I am so thankful for this book of lovely drawings given to me by my godfather. 

Have a great weekend!



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  1. What a treasure, Peggy! Those illustrations from Galliano are beautiful. Fashion and flowers, divine!! Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Cheers~

    1. Hi Loi, yes they are treasures. thanks for leaving such a sweet comment love peggy

  2. How beautiful! These are works of art. Whether or not you consider fashion to be an art form, certainly these "croquis" are works of art.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. they are certainly works of art. thanks for the comment love peggy

  3. Thank you for showing us these beautiful Galliano sketches! Amazing!
    Haven´t heard of that book before. It´s divine! My favourite? I can´t decide between "Summer sonnet" and
    "Iris purple haze". Cheers, Xyria

    1. hi xyria-so happy you left a comment. Isn't this book a treasure. love peggy