Friday, August 29, 2014

Some More Chinoiserie

I have always adored chinoiserie.
It is so delightful. 
I use it whenever I can in homes. 
It is sophisticated and goes with everything...

I just love it!

Isn't this chair lovely?
You know, I have a thing about chairs.

Always put some blue & white pottery!
Portieres are wonderful at the door and the pagodas are divine.
Let's just say I adore this room.

How beautiful is this chair?


Lavender is one of my favorite colors.
No wonder I love this.

I have a client who has these!

Look at the ceiling.
The rug is just marvelous.  
The rug was made in the 30's and is called "Nichols Rug."

Aren't those pillows cute?


I once had two of these.
I guess they went the way of all the things "out."

Love the banisters + the art work.

Turquoise + red, what a supreme combination. 

Look at the secretary in this picture.

The walls & ceiling are amazing in the picture. 

OK, so you can have chinoiserie lights if you look hard enough.

Love how the shutters look in here.
They could be used in any room.
That blue & white ginger jar, divine!

Which one is your favorite?
Let me hear from you, dear readers.
I always love to hear your ideas + comments.



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  1. Peggy,
    Great images, all curated by you!
    Have a fantasy filled and fun weekend!

    1. aren't you the best! dean, thanks peggy