Friday, December 7, 2012

Peggy Braswell Design Getting Ready For the Holidays

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"
Got the Christmas tree up!

You can see my needlepoint pillow I made.

The tree before I brought it in the house.

Barkley inspecting the tree.

Testing the lights with Barkley - he loves them & the tennis ball(his favorite toy is always in the picture)

The smell is so grand from this tree. 

As the lights go up

The lights had to be arranged & that took hours. 

During the time when lights were arranged the puppets made an appearance.
I did a post about them previously here and here.
  They make it on the tree each Christmas.

Each face is different. 

Among the puppets are these flat Chinese dolls, I have had for ages. 

A new addition this year is the angel on the top of the tree.

And this is the tree, all in its Christmas finery.
 At last it is up!

Finished the Christmas Cards / Holiday Cards.

Also got Mr. Bambi in his Christmas outfit. 

I am ready to welcome Santa Claus!(and gifts)
I have a few more things to do.

Tell me what you do for the holidays!
I am so wanting to know. 



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  1. Peggy your tree is beautiful; the puppets are so special. Why are the tree lights always such a pain.

    My decor has a lot of natural elements, yet is elegant with gorgeous ribbons, wreaths and candles!

    Art by Karena

    1. Karen, I treasure those puppets + I bet your tree is gorgeous. Thanks for your kind comment. love peggy

  2. I do love your puppets Peggy,,, They are absolutely fabulous...
    The tree looks magical and you must be feeling very ready... I do adore all the lights and I know it's work but so worth it... xv

    1. Thank you for stopping by & commenting, VA. French Essence is looking grand each time I stop by. It is a lot of work but I love this time of year. Thank you! love peggy