Friday, December 21, 2012

Favorite blogs and websites of 2012

A few of my favorite blogs & websites of 2012 - (in no particular order)

Carolyne Roehm is talented and has great photos.

Take a look, I promise you will like this blog.

One of the first blogs I read & still do!
VA is so chic.

David Columbia is always up on everything.

A British favorite of mine. 

Such fabulous photos of Paris.

Patricia does wonderful paintings!

Slim is so funny & smart.

Great recipes and beautiful photos.

Loi is amazing! 
I have been to his shop Tone on Tone in Bethesda, MD.

Beautiful in every way. 

 AH is so talented, one of my favorite designers.

Karena is lovely.

Found Carla through French Essence. 
Carla is a great photographer. 

Joni does such research for her blog - She is wonderful! 

This is one of my favorite designer. 

Can't say enough nice things about Miles Redd!

This is such a beautiful blog with wonderful photos.

 Sweet Paul is a great online magazine.

A wonderful blog - That is Connor the doggie!

 David Stark

Take a look at this talented designer!

HIP Paris Blog

Wonderful pictures. Great site to help you find a place to rest your head in Paris.

Through the French Eye of Design

A new blog I started reading lately! It is lovely.

These are just a few of the blogs and sites I visit on a regular basis.
Hope you like them as much as I do. 
Each one is wonderful - trust me!

What are your favorites websites & blogs?

  Have a lovely weekend!



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  1. Peggy - Thank YOU for including my blog here!! What a huge honor. I want to thank you, also, for your friendship and support in 2012. I'm grateful we connected via our blogs.
    Take care, and all the best for 2013 ~

    1. Loi, aren't you sweet + My pleasure your blog & shop are truly wonderful. Many amazing things for all of us in 2013, I just know it! love peggy

  2. Thank you very much for mentioning my blog on your list of favorites. I am delighted and VERY flattered! please visit anytime; I will do the same on your lovely blog.

    1. You are so welcome, thanks for leaving the sweet comment it means a lot to me. love peggy