Friday, December 28, 2012

LA Flower Mart

The Original Los Angeles Flower Market

(213) 627-3696

You can get more info on their website here.

Look at that sky! We don't see these clouds in Los Angeles! Rain coming?

Janet and I went to the Original Los Angeles Flower Market.

Wear something warm if you go. They are open to the public - Check their website for hours and additional information.

Hustle & Bustle- I love the flower mart!

 You can find orchids in every color.

All kinds of flowers, greenery and anything you may want.

Holiday time in Los Angeles.

That's me in the background!

The visit can be overwhelming but take your time, the market is BIG.

Someone(a florist, maybe) is ready to check out!

 You can find containers here.

 I picked up some greens for the door!

How I adore paperwhites. 
 They smell so good!

Lilies are long lasting and make the house smell wonderful.
Lilies last longer with the stamen's pulled off.

On the Bar, some lilies in my favorite lavender container. 

 Paperwhites on my patio desk.

When you are in Los Angeles, don't miss the LA Flower Mart.
Go early because it closes early. 
It is the most wonderful place to get flowers for any occasion.
The Mart ships flowers all over the world. 

Happy Hunting, dear readers!



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  1. Hello Peggy

    This would be a dream come true for me. I can imagine you whiled away the best part of a day her.
    May your New Year be are uplifting as your visit to the Flower Market


    1. Helen dearest, I had a wonderful trip to the LAFM-I just adore flowers, anykind!I am blessed to be able to have such a market close by. Thanks for leaving a comment, it means a lot to me. love peggy