Friday, May 2, 2014

A Friend / Client's Home In London

Many of you have asked me to show what has happened in London.
So here goes-

This is the front door of my client /friend's home.
It is lovely!

This flower was blooming by the house.

This is the entrance hall - a glimpse of the front door, to the left is the front door
Had mirror, lamps installed & a radiator cover built.
Storage on one side, radiator on the other.

This was for a party in the dining room. 

This is the living room.

The glow from the lights, just marvelous.

This is the mantel over the fireplace in the living room.

A beautiful sofa with yummy pillows we got for the party.

This was my room.
It is called the Green Room.

This picture is from a makeup table
in client's room.

This is called the Red Room!
There are 2 bedrooms and a owners suite upstairs.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my friend/client's home in London.
Now you have an idea, dear readers, of what I was up to in the UK.



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  1. Peggy!
    How gorgeous! And so comfortable looking too. The hallmark of true talent. I can still recall all those years ago when I lived in the U.K., and was trying to create a sense of warmth and decoration in the chilly and damp attic apartment I shared with two jeune was nearly impossible! So I hung out in Lord Fry's place, which was certainly much more to my liking. Congrats on a job well done! Dean

    1. dean, thank you for the comment! who is Lord Fry? love peggy

  2. Wonderful tour, Peggy! Thanks for sharing your client / friend's home - lovely, layered and warm. I love that handsome radiator cover. Cheers!

    1. glad you like the entire tour! + thank you for your comment. love peggy

  3. Good morning Peggy! That front door, OH MY! That is enough to create a sense of charm and lovely London beauty. What colorful rooms, full of liveliness!

    Thank you dearest Peggy, for coming to visit me yesterday! I hope your spring is beautiful! Anita

    1. thank you so much anita, you are so sweet. love peggy

  4. Wow!
    It's all so amazing!
    Where do I start?
    That living room! What a magnificent use of space...and so elegant!
    I love what you did with the radiator! Your client / friend must be over the moon!