Friday, May 23, 2014

Cool Stuff

Here are some "cool stuff" for you to look at!

Amazingly simple!

Isn't this just the best gift wrapping ever?

 An ice pick!

This shows where things could go in the bag.

Wouldn't this be great for hiking?
Out of any stream, dirty or clean!

Forgetting spray...just a hoot!

I love this bottle!

Isn't this the cutest thing ever ?

Love this old wrapping paper they used for the bars of soap.

Handmade paper made into a little book with a monogram - so great.

What a great place to hang your gold hose - on a gold antler!

I have been looking for this one!

Aren't these the coolest earrings?

This shows you how to make a watermelon keg! 
How cool is that for a great party?

So there you have some of my cool stuff.
Tell me what hits your fancy, dear readers.
I want to hear from you!



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