Friday, May 24, 2013

Urban Unveiled at Vibiana + A Thank You!

Some of you read about our doing a booth for Harry Warren Entertainment at Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles.
We've done a wedding for a client at Vibiana not too long ago.
We can finally show pictures of the event and the booth we did for Harry Warren Entertainment.

This is what greeted everyone as they came into the event.
California Wedding Day's Urban Unveiled
It was projected on the wall.

These are the Flor carpet tiles. The space for the booth was 8' x 8'. 

Everyone was hard at work getting ready for the show. 

Here are our balloons being blown up the day of the event.  

These are a glimpse of the balloons from underneath.

A life size cut out of Harry Warren surveys it all with one red balloon.

The theme of the show was The Great Gatsby. 
We used lots of pearls + black & whit.
  The flowers were from Sticks & Stones Floral Design.

A close up of the tray with pearls, feathers, flowers, champagne + glasses on the back table.

The guest book on the table.

We are ready for our close up Mr. Demille...

Here you can see the weights for the balloons on the white carpet squares.

A vendor close to our booth was hanging chandeliers.

Vibiana is just a breathtaking place. 

Entry ceiling

Other vendors setting up before the event.

This car was so special... it was parked in the patio area.

Another shot of the patio as they were getting ready.

Entry at Vibiana

What would a wedding show be without wedding dresses?

At night

We had such a great time setting up Harry Warren Entertainment's booth at Vibiana.
It was a great success!
What do you think, dear readers... I treasure your comments.

 + Thank you Anita, you were a gracious + amazing hostess for French Week.



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  1. Replies
    1. How great you are for leaving this nice comment, Scott. Must hurry over to your blog. love peggy

  2. What a great booth and event! Great gatsby theme really works in that incredible space!

    1. Hi, it was a great event! Thank you for saying peggy

  3. Peggy!
    How stunning! Such class and style!

    Believe it or not, I took notes as I mingled with the lovelies at Anita's party!
    With tongue in cheek, I relayed to Anita that the party isn't over foe me. Could I be the guest that never leaves?

    I found your post featuring "Paris Interiors", interjected with your own experience just filled with the non contrived style that I love. I actually took my laptop over to my husband to show him some of the rooms, as we are addressing some needed renovation to 30 year old home!

    On this visit I am linking your blog to my sidebar!
    I know that I will be "in" for many inspiring moments when BRASWELL pops up!

    1. Lynne, aren't you too cute to put me on your sidebar + Your many kind comments mean so much + Good luck on to you on your renovation. love peggy

  4. Peggy, What a gorgeous location! I love the space you created for Harry Warren Entertainment.

    1. thank you sherry, glad you liked the space. love peggy

  5. What a gorgeous space. I love the ceiling and the beautiful columns! Have a happy Wednesday and be sure to check out my latest review :).

    1. Hi Preppy Student, it is truly a beautiful space for a wedding!Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I hurry over to your blog to check it out-loved your pink lipstick review. love peggy