Friday, April 19, 2013

Flor- Carpet Tiles

We are doing an event for Harry Warren Entertainment at Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles called "Urban Unveiled".
It is a wedding event and the theme is The Great Gatsby. 

Harry Warren Entertainment has wonderful songs such as "At Last", and we are very excited to be a pert of this.

Our space is 8' x 8', so we decided on using Flor carpet tiles in black & white in keeping with the theme. 

Vibiana has strict regulations- we have done weddings there.
We know what can & cannot be done.

We will take pictures of the event for a future post!

This is the dining room where we laid out the pattern of the Flor carpet tiles.
As you can see I have a leopard carpet!
I adore animal print and use it as a neutral.

This is the box the Flor was shipped in. We needed 15 black and 15 white tiles for an 8' x 8'.
A single carpet tile is approximately 20" x 20".
Janet figured out how many we needed!
Whew, these boxes were quite heavy when they arrived...

This shows how the pieces fit together.
They were tapped so they wouldn't move as the edges were being cut.

Here is a picture of the Flor tiles in a black & white pattern.
 As you can see the edges had to be cut.

Here is the finished product.
This is what the rug looked like when it was finished. 
These will be taped down on the day of the event @ Vibiana.

 There is a lot of hard work that goes into putting squares on the diagonal - just ask Janet!
She has done a beautiful job!
Don't you think, dear readers?



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  1. Great idea! I love the black and white. At trade shows they're perfect and i once wanted to use them but they didn't have these colors or patterns. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, we thought it was a smashing idea for this venue. My pleasure to share this with you. Thanks for the lovely comment. love peggy

  2. This looks totally fab Peggy... love the black and white checkerboard... it will be so striking for your event... xv

    1. hi vicki-thanks for stopping by the blog + we will post photos of the event! love peggy

  3. Hi where did you get the floor tiles from as been looking everywhere for them for my sons car room

    1. HI Peter, we got them from Flor carpet tiles. Hope this helps. love peggy