Friday, March 8, 2013

Portière - The Other Door, Part II

Whenever possible, I adore using a portière.
For those of you that don't know what a portière is, it's a piece of fabric hanging at a doorway/around a banquette/ room partition. 
It needs to be backed so it looks wonderful from both sides. You can get more information from my previous post here. They are used in Europe quite a lot. I am not quite sure how I was introduced to them. I know Saladino uses them quite a bit.

 Peggy Braswell Design

I used one in this room I designed between the kitchen & the dining room.

 Peggy Braswell Design

I took the door off to install a portière in a client's bathroom.

 The Grand Book of French Style By Jean Demachy and François Baudot

I found some pictures that show how portières are used.
Here they used one at the end of the room to separate the rooms. 

 The New Apartment Book By Michele Michael

This one separates the dining area from the living room.

 Country Interiors By Diane Dorrans Saeks

Another portière at the front door.
I think they installed it to keep out drafts.

 Country Interiors By Diane Dorrans Saeks

This one frames the banquette. 
How clever is this?

  Country Interiors By Diane Dorrans Saeks

Here is one in front of a bed.

  Country Interiors By Diane Dorrans Saeks

This is one at a doorway to a bedroom.

The House & Garden Book Of Country Chic By Leonie highton

This one is used in front of a door.

Home Furnishings By Terence Conran
Painting by Edward Burne-Jones

This portière continues the story with the figures on the chest of drawers.
This painting shows how they used them many years ago. 

I recently installed a portière for a client's loft.
 She wanted to separate the entry from the storage/pantry.

This is before we put the track up.

You will want to measure the opening and make sure your rod is double the length .

This portière was made with a placket.

Here is the finished portière between the pantry & the entrance. 

Here is another one I did for a client between the kitchen & the hallway.
For this one, I used a tapestry that the client already owned.
Hooks were sewn on the backing.  

Here it is pulled away from the kitchen doorway. 

This is the long hallway in front of the kitchen.

This is a close up of the tapestry. You can see the backing material. 
I used the backing material as a border on the front side of the portière.

This is what the portiere looks like from the kitchen side. 

I love to use portières in place of doors.
They are also fabulous on a wall with a picture or mirror hanging on them.

They make such a statement - I love making statements!  

Dear readers,
 what do think about the portières?



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  1. Hi Peggy!

    I love the portière at the entrance way; it reminds me of a lovely little Italian restaurant I went to here in the middle of winter. I loved how by using a heavy velvet portière at the entrance of the restaurant to separate from the eating area cut off the cold Minnesota cold! BRAVO!

    These are wonderful solutions to what sometimes is a problematic room design. Fortunately, I have open spaces that I do enjoy, but a portière would be the best solution for a tight space!

    Thank you for coming to view my poetry! VIVE LE PRINTEMPS! Anita

    1. Anita, you are too cute. thanks for leaving the sweet comment. love peggy

  2. Dear Peggy ~
    I love this look - so old world and sophisticated. And I love the bathroom you designed. What fabulous pieces! The mirror, sink / base, everything!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Warm greetings,

    1. Hi Loi: I am so thrilled you are back from your buying trip(missed you). Thank you for your kind comment above + dropping by the blog. love peggy