Friday, March 1, 2013

Kitchen Ideas From Pinterest

Here are some wonderful kitchen pictures from my Pinterest. 

I love this kitchen with access to the outside!

.so lovely

Love the lantern and chicken wire on the cabinets.

banquett in checks


I do love banquets - a great way to solve seating problems in a kitchen.

room within room-love that

One of my favorite things is a room within a room.

It appears to happen when the door is closed + the pass through closed!

These windows are so beautiful. It looks like they are from a church.



All white with carrara marble and a white doggie.

mirror tiles

I adore the shiny tiles!

French fireback embedded in limestone behind the stovetop.. A dime a dozen in France. The only problem is they weigh a ton to send to the USA.

Isn't this handsome over the stove top?

open shelfing

I love open shelving and these are beautiful. 


great stove-love the pot filler

Great looking stoves &  pot filler + to top it off, there is a blackboard.


Open shelves in a small kitchen.

this is great

I am totally taken with the ease of this kitchen. 

all white-yes

Such simplicity in all white kitchens.

Open Shelving
 Open shelves again. 

open shelves, marble

Black, white + carrara marble.

Open Shelving

Open shelves + a place for cook books + love those subway tiles. 

Smooth, High-Gloss Cement Floors

Baskets that pull out + plate racks.   The white floors had me drolling. 

Sink Window

Give me a big window to look out while I am at the sink, and 

I will wash dishes all day + keep an eye on the children.  

love all the glass

This is so wonderful - feels like I am in a tree house. 

black board

Can't seem to do without a big blackboard. 

open shelving

Concrete shelves & plenty of windows in a glorious kitchen.

Moulding + Windows love this.

Love all the windows in this kitchen.

How chic! Gray cabinets with open shelves near the sink. 

Bold Color

Splash of color.

love that window

I adore this round window in the galley kitchen.  

all white...

A perfect kitchen!

Kitchens are where we spend most of our time in our homes especially if you have children or are a foodie like me.

What are some of your tips for great kitchens?

I would love to hear from you, dear readers...




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  1. Hello Peggy

    Some absolutely stunning kitchens here. I adore the first image. The one with the dark small window panes is also spectacular. My least favourite are when carrara marble is used on the walls. I love marble used on countertops and floor but find it overwhelming and tiring on walls.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. helen, thank you so much for the kind comment. Isn't carrara marble the best!
      Love peggy

  2. WOW Peggy, this is a LOAD OF BEAUTY HERE! Each kitchen speaks to me. I have been trying to see if my husband would go for painting the walls white and the vintage wooden cabinets gray. My favorite idea here that I know I could do is to find a fire back to put above the stove; that is such a great idea!

    Thank you for visiting today! We had a lovely anniversary. Thirty-one years!

    Have a super evening. Anita

    1. Sounds like you are ready to do your kitchen! Is that what that is called a Fire back, I did not know what to call it. Thank you for telling me + coming over to visit the blog. You are soo charming. love peggy

  3. Pinterest is no doubt hosting a largest collection of kitchen designs. This collection is very selective and uncommon. I may pick lighting from design and space from another. Every design is worth a try!