Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter DIY - Animal Jars, Glitter Eggs And More!

Easter is coming up soon and here's some DIY projects you can do this weekend!

Animal Jars 

I've been seeing a lot of Easter bunny jars online lately.
They are so handy for storing just about anything. 

I already had these little plastic animals so I used these instead of bunnies. 
I used pastel colors to get the Easter feel.
My curtains are really lavender silk with ruffles - something I copied from Miles Redd. 
However, in these photos, they look pink!

Aren't these the cutest animals!

 White spray paint can make plastic look like porcelain.
People are always fooled into thinking they are porcelain.
Janet & I just had to try them again for Easter this year.
This elephant is from a previous post called Deceptive Plastic Animals.
Janet did a step by step instruction on spray painting. 
 You can check it out here.

 The steps are pretty simple.

1. Wash and dry empty jars. Soak the label off before using. I like to use a little citrus oil on really sticky labels.
2. Crazy glue the animals on the center of the lids and let it dry for a while.
3. Spray paint the animals + lids in a well ventilated area.
4. Let it dry.

There's detailed instructions on spray painting here.

Aren't these adorable?

 Glitter Eggs

Janet & I were trying out different Easter dinner place settings for a small party I'm having.

This is a really simple & easy craft.

We used plastic eggs instead of real ones.We figured this was easier and mess free.

1.Brush craft glue onto egg. 
2. Set the eggs in a bowl of glitter, use a spoon to put glitter over egg, covering the entire surface. 
3. Let it dry for an hour or so on wax paper.

Voila, you have glitter eggs.
This is a real nest someone sent me...aren't birds amazing nest builders?
I don't know about you but I love these easy DIY projects.

 Bunny Napkin Fold

Finally we made bunny napkins... They were super easy!!
These were made with some lavender linen napkins I had.
For step by step instructions, check it out here.

Dear readers,
What's your favorite Easter craft?
Have a wonderful weekend!




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  1. Oh Peggy,

    These are SO ADORABLE! I love animals and I think many of us do. What a little glue and paint can accomplish! I saw a real bunny in my snow covered garden today; he was sitting stately, on a huge mound of snow as if was declaring that he is KING! teehee

    THANK YOU for this sweet post today! Anita

    1. you are so welcome anita-I do think the animals on top of the jars are quite wonderful + how I would have loved to have seen that bunny you saw. Happy Easter. dear peggy

  2. Loving the animal lids!


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  3. This looks like a project I will have to try, perhaps I will whip one up with a chick on top or a bunny. I better hurry and get going on it :)

    Beautiful site filled with inspiration.

    1. thank you dore for such a sweet comment. Happy peggy

  4. Beautiful! Happy Easter to you Peggy.