Friday, March 16, 2012

Perfume Bottles

Perfume Bottles,
 I have been fascinated by these bottles since I was a little girl.

I remember Joy by Jean Patou was my mom's favorite scent.
The smell reminds me of her. 

I have a memory as a little girl, I  used to mix different food coloring in water to put in my mom and grandmother's empty perfume bottles in the garage. 

Oh, then I found Jean Patou 1000 - Actually my friend JR introduced me to this one.
Love at first sight.  

I collect perfume bottles

I use the bottles when I entertain, I cut flowers and greenery in them. 

scattered among the candles on my dining table.

It takes just a little greenery and a flower.

These are a few of my favorites I use today.

Annick Goutal 

Chanel No. 5

Kelly Caleche by Hermes

Vetiver by Guerlain

Yves Saint Laurent, Rive Gauche

My friend, Julia Riva, who introduced me to Jean Patou 1000, did this fabulous painting for me. As you can see it has the bottle, joss paper, all the things I adore. 

Scent is the one sense that bring back the when & where.
 I remember the person who was wearing it and how I felt immediately.

Tell me about your favorite perfume, I love to hear from you!
(who knows maybe I will find a new perfume)   

Have a lovely weekend!



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  1. My favorite is still Chanel #5 and 2nd is Angel by Thierry Muegler. I love your perfume bottle collection, Peggy.

    Please come and join my new Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

    Art by Karena

    1. Hi Karena..OK I entered your grand giveaway. Thanks for commenting-yeah for #5 & Angel. xxpeggy

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you dean for the comment. YSL=yes! xxpeggy

  3. Peggy I loved this post....there are so many scents that I love but I guess the one I keep going back to is Mitsouko....followed by Chamade. Martin Margiela's scent (that has no name) is really lovely too....and the spice one by Frederick Malle is good too. Serge Luten's scents are sublime but I haven't tried any of the Patou!!! Maybe I should based on your post. I walked past the Patou fragrance boutique in Paris last week (on rue St Honore).....I think I need to go back and try some. A bientot.

  4. Try the Patou scents, they are divine + thank you for all the suggestions of great perfumes, how sweet you are. Must trot over to your blog. xxpeggy