Friday, March 23, 2012

IKEA Rugs to Pillows

These started out as IKEA rugs from a few seasons ago. I made them into outdoor pillows.

They were thick woven rugs with fringe - how could I use them ?

Then a light bulb went off.

They are used on a daybed outside, but they could be used anywhere.

This daybed gets a great deal of use as a couch & sleeping place.

The rugs were used on both sides of the pillow with stripes matching.

The fringe was put on the ends of each pillow with feather insert used inside for comfort.

A zipper was put in each pillow for easy washing.

This is daybed used outside. 

This particular IKEA rug is no longer available but you can use something like this Nate Berkus for HSN rug.

I used a different IKEA rug to upholster this footstool.

 I do not know the size of this rug. I know it was larger than a 3' x 5'.

I used nail heads and painted the legs black.

A footstool made out of an IKEA rug. 

Just use your imagination for things you find!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a great outdoor place and the pillows are fantastic.

  2. I just saw this...forgive me. Loved the comment. love peggy

  3. Wow! Using the rugs is SUCH a great idea - those pillows turned out amazing! I'm impressed!

  4. Thank you Sherri, I appreciate your comment. xxpeggy

  5. Love this, Peggy! I did this a few years ago to a marked down Ikat rug from Anthropology...pretty stiff..but good for their metal campaign bed that my daughter has. Love the red stripes and the fringe! Excellent! Trish

  6. Thanks Trish, aren't rugs the best! xxpeggy