Friday, May 27, 2011

Antonio Girls

I did a post on Feb. 2011, entitled Antonio Girls based on a book by Antonio Lopez ((signed for me. Did I mention that?)), I said what an amazing talent he is!  I treasure this book by Congreve Publishing Co. ,1982.

The above is Sylvano Malta designs, Italian Vogue, 1977.

above is called Ribbons - 1978

  Golden Mummy - 1978

The image drawn by Antionio  -1 of 6 -"Fantasy Shoes" studies for polychrome wooden sculptures 1978.

Drawn by Antionio is a  Beauty editorial, American Vogue, 1980. Unpublished

  Images  Alfa Castaldi, Milan & Mary Bachmann, NY

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  1. Happy day to you Peggy.
    Big hugs


  2. Dear Peggy, MERCI BIEN for coming to visit me via my dear friend and AMIGA, Cecilia! I AM FROM LOS ANGELES but I have lived in Boston and now in Minneapolis! Oh, how Culver City brings back memories! Your shop looks fabulous and your post here displays such beauty. I am very happy to meet you and that you left a comment! Have a happy and sunny day; we are here enduring high winds and I best take cover in our basement!

    Ciao Bella, Anita

  3. Thank you Cecilia + Anita, for your kind comments. xx peggy

  4. Wow !
    You found those Mummy Photos !
    Those are really Cool!
    and the Silvano Malta Dresses,
    I remember trying as much as Possible to
    try to look and act like the Fabulous Jerry Hall, as that was really his "true love" at the time!
    Jane Thorvaldson

  5. Peggy,

    Do you have anything from the book,
    Antonio 60's 70's and 80's ??
    I never saw any of that one!