Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blue & White Ceramics

Lets talk Blue & White Ceramics-
I have always loved anything Blue & White. 
I used to say blue was my favorite color but over the years, I decided all colors are my favorites. 
Green, red, yellow and yes! I consider white a color also - all shades of any color. 

I keep going back to Blue & White. Wonder why?
I ask myself and self answers 
"because it is fabulous."  
I found the above picture of a blue & white kitchen in a magazine years ago.
Those are trumpe l'oeil, plates, books, various things behind the wire fronted cabinets. Isn't this amazing?

This is the Fabulous Blue & White kitchen through a photographer's lens

unknown photographer from unknown mag.

Blue & pink! 
in Hamptons by Diamond Baratta, 
2004 Traditional Home

Blue & Vanilla! 
Love these vases + ones seen in the mirror on the wall at other end of the room. 

unknown photographer

Above are two, of a set of four candle sticks, given to me many years ago by friends
"The Ladies" as I call them always ready to shed light on a table.
Oh, I can't forget Henney Penney my chicken!

With Lavender
blue & white gentlemen candle sticks
with my pillow baby behind them. 

And a classic brass topped ginger jar. 

In my humble opinion, expensive blue & white can be put with inexpensive pieces to make a stunning group.
So start collecting that Blue & White and enjoy!
 I am always delighted to hear of your blue & white creations.

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  1. Hi Peggy! I am a big fan of blue and white and I remember the kitchen in the first photo. I believe I kept it in my inspiration folder for a long time.

  2. i'm a fan of blue and white too...lovely greetings

  3. Thank you for this inspiration.
    I love the #2 picture.

    Thnk you, Peggy for your visits.I wish you a happy and rested weekend,



  4. Design Elements..thank you and a lovely weekend to you also. xxpeggy

  5. Lovely blue and white any combinations, this pottery looks wonderful, xv.

  6. Love the blue and white vases! So great with a great big flower arrangement from the garden!
    xo E + J