Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blast from the past- Antonio's Girls

When I was taking pictures of the office bookcases(posted 1/2011) for this blog,

I found a book that was signed and given to me by the incredibly talented fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez. The book is called Antonio's Girls(1982).  

as I had not looked at it for some time,I started to flip through the pages + was amazed with the body of work he produced.



A sketch by Antonio- a woman turns into a shoe/ well, I don't know about you!! but I love shoes so it does not get any better than this!!!!

"shoe metamorphosis" -1978

A Norma Kamali ad

above -
China campaign, 1980

I adore this one-look at the detail. there are about 128 pages in this fab. book + each page is more divine then the next- more to come on another post...I promise!!!!!
Isn't he an amazing Talent?????


  1. Amazing talent indeed. The woman-shoe...let me think about it!

  2. are too funny! thanks xx peggy

  3. That's Me !
    I'm the "Transformation Lady"

    (I worked with A. Warhol , as Well!

    Jane Thorvaldson

  4. Jane, thank you. Sorry I did not include you..but did not know your name. Thanks for leaving a message now I know you-how cool

  5. Peggy,

    Jane and I have remained in touch since working with Antonio. That is me on the cover and inside and in one of the shoe sketches. A wonderful time and we were lucky to have worked with him.

    Nancy Lucas

  6. Nancy...thank you for getting in touch. I loved him+his talent. I treasure that book. I know you had a wonderful time. Thanks again for leaving me this note. xxpeggy