Friday, March 4, 2011

Sketches by Sonia Rykiel and Zandra Rhodes

From the 1993 International Fashion Desk Diary by Shirley Kennedy comes the fabulous 
Sonia Rykiel & Zandra Rhodes-take a look!

Lunch at one: an easy sunny yellow suit features a tied viscose/crepe long jacket covering a flirty short skirt.

Time to Shop: all in lipstick pink wool jersey, the flowing, swingy coat worn with a matching short skirt and spotted sweater. 


Ethereal : 
flowing silk jackets and trousers. One with a sea shell border paired with Oriental-style wrap trousers. The other jacket is made from "matchstick square," a scarf inspired by Mexican sombrero embroidery.

Pure romance: a typical Zandra Rhodes extravagant crinoline. The bodice cream and gold filigree lace. The neckline is edged with silk roses and bows. The skirt is designed with "lace carnation print". Fabrics are exclusively designed by the divine Zandra Rhodes. 

Soft and subtle: a shimmering sheer chiffon shift in ombre tones ranging from bronze/ginger to moss green to grey to deep brown is worn over a bronze floral lace slip. The tunic front panel is printed with a freely drawn bronze metallic necklace. 

These are all from the desk Diary..what are your favorites? let me hear from you...

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  1. Fabulous designs Peggy,
    Happy sunday to you,

  2. Hi Peggy,
    My favorite is the yellow suit by Sonia Rykiel! Beautiful sketches!