Saturday, March 19, 2011

Going to London!

"Leaving on a jet plane" or something like that.

Post cards in the picture are taken from Penguin book covers.
Penguin books was started in 1935 by Allen Lane because he was disappointed at the poor range of paperback books to read while traveling from Exeter railway station to London-and now Penguin books are part of Britain's culture. I adore that story.


Off to UK to work on a project - I am so blessed, I adore London. (do ya think I'll see the engaged couple? Hmmmm, strange, I haven't received my wedding invitation YET.)  
Thank God for Janet! She will hold down the fort while I am away.

Dear Readers, thanks muchly (is that a word?) for stopping by and leaving me a comment. 
Bye-bye! Be back soon...