Monday, November 18, 2013

Parties & Celebrations

These are from my Parties & Celebrations board on Pintrest. 
Do you have a favorite?
Each one has such grand ideas.

Love that Big blue & white jar with green in it.

Clever idea for daffodils.

These boxes are just wonderful.

Ghost chairs just disappear I love using them.

So pretty + great idea.

Amazing outdoor party.

Roses hanging upside down. 
Charming arch.

Roses up in those mini air balloons.
The separation is a great idea.

Just adore the lemons on the plates with rosemary + flowerpot. 

Isn't this the best looking bicycle?

Lots of candles everywhere.
Everyone looks better in candle light.

These branches are so beautiful with little bouquets tucked beneath.

Love how the fabric is glued on the back of the chair.

I am a sucker for any tent! Especially this one...

Flowers under a dome,how clever.

Adore wisteria!

Doesn't get much better than this for a garden party!
Chandelier in the trees.

Adore these banquets with the hedges & birdcage lights.

I just love any kind of writing- aren't these wonderful?

Those balls are fantastic.
Does anyone know what they are? 
Vines with twinkle lights?


No question, who is sitting here.

Love that!

Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I have, and took some great ideas with you.

I know I have!




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  1. Great ideas! That rose arch reminds of the fabulous flower shows in England!
    Have a good week, Peggy!

    1. the rose arch does look like flower shows in England, you are so right. love your blog. love peggy

  2. How wonderful to be a guest at any of these parties. Just love the first image and the white edged in gold china...stunning!

    1. adore your comment! + thanks for stopping by the blog. love peggy

  3. DEAREST PEGGY! Hello there!

    I remember that I saw your comment on my post and I have been in and out on a whirlwind with work, but here I am to greet you. Thank you for coming to visit me, but WOW aren't these ideas just stunning? I love that dome with the flowers underneath; I am planning to use my cloches for mini Christmas trees. All of these decorations just make me long for summer again!

    I hope you are well. Enjoy your holidays, and I hope you have a huge occasion set that you can decorate! Much love, Anita

    1. well hi anita, your blog is wonderful + thanks for the sweet comment on mine + you are loved & appreciated! love peggy