Monday, November 4, 2013

Blue and White Table Setting

Blue & White Bash

The Pink Pagoda is having a Blue & White Bash!
This is one of my older post on Blue & White table setting.

These blue and white ladies are my favorite candle sticks.
They were given to me on a birthday.
I have never seen others like them.
 Don't they have the sweetest faces.

I used these lovely wine bottle jackets as a napkin holder.
You can use anything you have.

Tiny gifts!
 Always a sure bet + an ice breaker at each person's plate. 

Salt and pepper at each place.

You don't have to have flowers!
I often use greenery from around my home.
Anything that will hold water can be used as a vase/container.

ready to serve!

Candlelight flatters everyone!

Chinese baby shoes were also a gift.
I adore them.

I love to use different glasses on the table.
Always have red & white wine + red & white glasses on the table.
You can never guess what someone prefers.


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  1. Tried to leave a comment before -- this table is FANTASTIC!!! I'm just dying over the lady candle holders. They're amazing and I want some!!

    1. I do not know where the lady candle holders came from...they were a birthday gift years ago. your comment was sweet, I appreciate my comments so much. love peggy

  2. Your table is gorgeous!! Really beautiful place settings and those lady candle sticks are killer!!!!

    1. thank you so much Rebecca! you are to kind + appreciate the comment. love peggy

  3. Can we please talk about the little jackets?! I think I squealed audibly. I have never seen those but I must, must, must have some!

    1. they are wine jackets for wine bottles(i use them as napkin holders) I think i got them at cost plus which is now called world market-that's the most i can tell you about them. my assistant just looked for them at world market..they don't have them there but Janet can find anything so she found them for you...see the address peggy

  4. Love this post! Your "blue and white-table settings"! Discovered quite a few familiar pieces, familiar because I always use blue and white Chinese bowls for dessert...:)
    Isn't it interesting - how timeless blue and white is, and how well it goes with any interior and/or setting, modern and traditional.

    1. dearest Karin: i adore blue & white anything especially the Chinese kind. thank you for your kind comment. love peggy