Friday, October 4, 2013



One of my favorite things is planning parties; 
coming up with themes, decorating tables, 
making sure everything looks Just right.

Over the years, I've planned countless parties for clients and friends 
for many different occasions using my background in production and catering.

Peggy Braswell Design will plan your next celebrations. 
Nothing is too big or too small - 
 Weddings, birthdays, any holidays you could possibly think of 
or even a romantic dinner for two!

From soup to nuts, 
we will bring loads of inspiration and knowledge 
to make your celebration special.

Just sit back and relax!  

Below pictures are some of the events Peggy Braswell Design has produced. 



Hope you enjoyed this!
dear readers, tell me about a celebration you have given.
I would love to know.

love, peggy


To see your vision come to life, email us about our design services at Peggy Braswell Design.


  1. Wow Peggy! What a fantastic collection of photos. I zoned right in on the red lanterns, having started a recent collection of silk ones from the local markets in Saigon. I have no idea what to do with them yet but I know someday, they will be just what I need. I imagine a party planner like yourself will know exactly what I mean. I wish you could plan a party for me! xx

    1. if only I was in saigon! what fun we could have + spend some money. just put out that wish about the party planning, it will come true. I love all your traveling.Isn't blogging fun! love, peggy

  2. Peggy,
    How beautiful! I just hosted a big b-day celebration for a friend and I loved gathering flowers and setting up my home to welcome a group of ladies. The b-day girl was overwhelmed.
    I love celebrations!

    1. what a sweet thing to for a friend + thanks for the kind peggy