Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Ideas, Part I

It's almost Halloween!

My motto this year is "Easy does it."
We thought we would give you a head start.
Here are some ideas for the holiday from my Halloween Pinterest board.

This is a window at the shop BRASWELL from Halloween 2011.

I think this is so cute.

These are very clever + easy.

How about a costume made out of cards & staples?

No craving & so creepy.

Pretzel sticks and cheese make a great snack.

Enough said!

Glow sticks in Balloons!

Party favors for everyone!

Love this light fixture! 
Not so easy but great looking.

 Spray painted gold pumpkins.

Monogrammed pumpkins for the front door.

So cute & easy.

Great idea.

Such cute costumes!

Scary BALLOONs for everyone. 

These teeth are so clever as a napkin ring.

Craved to look scary!

Witches brew cocktail - a signature drink!
Here's the recipe.

GHOST Cookies!
Dip store bought cookies in white chocolate and put some chocolate chip eyes!

These are just a few of the fun ideas for Halloween!

Dear readers, give me some of your ideas for the holiday.
I can't wait to see what you come with.



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  1. Peggy! I love that spider. We are up to our knees in pumpkins at the moment planning parties over the next couple of weeks. A very inspiration post.
    Love from London.
    Paul X

    1. Paul dear, I love the spider also + london is your spot + I love london also. thanks for dropping by. love peggy