Thursday, July 25, 2013

Round Glasses

I am obsessed with round glasses - regular ones + sunnies.
Don't know why and don't care why... just obsessed! 
I'm sure it has something to do with my long face.
On Pinterest, I have a board devoted to them. 

The round glasses are my reading glasses - thank you SB!
My mom gave the watch in the cloche(my grandfather's) to Gardner, my son.
I am keeping it for him.
The yellow book, (Draw Your Mind - sweet Janet gave to me) I keep all my notes.

So Chic

Look at all of these!

 Chic "OLD" round glasses.

Chanel round!

I had a vintage pair like these in tortoise that I lost - Boo hoo! 

So funny!!!!!! 
As they use to say, "The Cat's Meow"
Round glasses even look good on kitties.

Which one do you like, dear readers?
Maybe roundies aren't your cup of tea...

Tell me what you like!



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  1. I love them too! I tried them on last week, while in search of a new pair of matter how hard I tried, I could not convince myself. I even considered pretending I was living another identity...something I am still considering..perhaps when I travel! Love the post...great selection.
    Jeanne xx

    1. Try them you'll love them-Ha I sound like a commercial. Thanks for stopping by the blog + leaving such a sweet comment. love peggy

  2. I love them too - and you have a great selection here! I'm just not sure that they suit my face shape, you've persuaded me to try again though!!

    1. I just adore round glasses glad you do also. Thanks for stopping by the blog.
      love peggy

  3. Replies
    1. Pamela, aren't those green ones something else? Thanks stopping by + leaving such a sweet comment. love peggy

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