Friday, July 19, 2013

Pink Antler Table Setting

For a dinner party I used pink antlers, potted paperwhites, candles & moss.
 Just had to paint the pots white.

  Velvet pumpkins as a place card holder with my son's name on it.
Peeking out is the Pierre Frey fabric on the chairs. 

Love the numbers on the napkins!

Velvet pumpkins!

Adore the potted paperwhites!

The paperwhites stand at attention.

Beautiful blossoms!
 They last for at least a week. 

The smell from these paperwhites are wonderful!

Wonderful pink Lucite antlers, candles & moss. 

With candles lit, the table looks divine, if I must say so.

Here you get a good look at the napkins with the embroidered numbers on them.
I adore this table setting!
Tell me what you think of it, dear readers
I value all of your comments.
Till we meet again...



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  1. Peggy!
    This setting is beautiful! Every detail is exquisite! May I pin it for holiday inspiration?

    I LOVE the napkins...

    I was v e r y curious about the PINK antlers...LUCITE! How amazing!
    Happy Sunday!

    1. yes of course you may pin the photo. The pink antlers are lucite! how sweet is that comment? love peggy

  2. Peggy,
    I am sharing one of these images as this week, both of my posts have been about light, candles and bulbs!
    Happy 2015!

    1. so happy you are sharing PVE send me one please. love peggy

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