Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New York, Part II- Walking Around, Central Park and more

I started  my journey to NY on Virgin America, what a nice airline it is...

A view of NY

My son picked me up at the airport in his 1978 restored Ford. It is so cool. 
What a treat!
Here we are getting out of the car to go grab something to eat.

My daughter & I took Mr. Wilson (LA dog, now NYC dog) to Central Park for a walk.
Mr. Wilson lives right across the street from the park.
Here he is looking at the zoo (no dogs allowed).
 Sorry, Mr. Wilson!

A beautiful view of the skyline.

A dogwood in bloom in Central Park.
Spring has sprung.

Everyone was at the park that day.

Even the ducks were having a good time.

Central Park is so beautiful. 

Hotel Cassa breakfast -Yummy!
Hotel Cassa was home - A big thank you to Troy Pade, the general manager.

 Fifth Ave, lots of people walking
Louie Vuitton and many more.

Apple store.

Walking around NY

This is the Camper shop.
I thought the windows - wicker woven with chairs & tables - was unique!

Inside they had wicker also...
They are getting ready for summer.

Times Square, a land mark!
Had to take this shot.

St. Patrick's Cathedral  is under construction but still open.

Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn

Night time in  NY from my cab.

Walking around in NY is so exciting!


So I bid farewell to New York..Amid some tears I confess...
I had such a grand time.
Thank you to my son & daughter. 

 I really saw lots + had a wonderful time.



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  1. Peggy! Wow! You lucked out on the weather! Your photographs are wonderful! The city looks great!
    I hope to visit again one day.
    It's hard when the kids fly the nest, but so rewarding to see them thrive on their own! How fun is that truck!?!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lynne, yes the truck is something + who knew my boy child would like vintage!
      I did have wonderful NY weather. Thanks for the sweet comment. love peggy

  2. Beautiful images. Its been a while since I've been to NYC and you are making me miss it. I did have to smile at the scafolding in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Only in NYC is scafolding that fancy! :)

    Maria @ The Good Life

    1. Maria I am again going to NY(so excited) drop by to see the new photos soon. love peggy