Friday, April 12, 2013

Amazing Stripes From Pinterest

These are some of the stripes from my Pinterest board.

Aren't they wonderful?

Black & white rug! 
Can't go wrong with that combination. 

Ceilings are becoming interesting. Yeah!
Love those yellow stripes.

Balloons in stripes, how clever.

Horizontal stripes made with tiles. 
Always a good look. 

Adore the stripes on this cabana! 
Looks so great!

Painted stripe up the stairs.
A good DIY project. 

Black & white stripes with green in a kitchen - so chic!

The original stripes - a zebra.

Horizontal strips painted on the walls. 
Paint can do so much for a room. 


Great looking stripes, they stand the test of time in this window.

Beach cabanas in wonderful stripes, don't these look marvelous?

Love the stripes in the bathroom.

There's that black & white rug again!

Love all these shoes in stripes together. 

Horizontal strips on the dining table.

Stripes in an entry way.  
I think I adore horizontal stripes.

 These are from my Amazing Stripes board from my Pinterest.
There are lots more pictures so take a look at them here. My motto is "when in doubt use stripes."
They work for me and most clients love them. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Peggy

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  1. In the second to last image, I love that the menue are in embroidery hoops! Clever!

    1. I love that one also. Thanks for leaving a comment + stopping by. love peggy

  2. PEGGY! I LOVE STRIPES! And black and white checkered patterns too on my floors. Black and white is a combination I will never tire of and how I would love to have one of those canvas cabane for my garden!

    How are you? Thank you so much for coming to visit and I was reminded that you are out in L.A.! I grew up in South Central L.A. in the 60s, so I wonder if you can identify a bit with my poem.

    Enjoy a lovely week and that zebra picture, FABULOUS! Anita

    1. Hi Anita-thank you for the visit + leaving such a wonderful comment. love peggy

  3. I adore stripes and the striped cabanas are wonderful - love that they are all in a different color. I totally agree on using stripes when in doubt - they are always right!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment designchic! we are thinking the same way on the stripes. love peggy

  4. Good morning Peggy,

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my post. I just don't understand what is happening to our world, but all we can do is simply spread kindness and keep it alive, each one of us.

    Peace and beauty to you out there in L.A.! Anita

    1. Hi Anita, I agree with you! Arms around you & yours. love peggy