Friday, January 11, 2013

10 Things I Adore

This is a list of 10 things I adore. Of course, there are lots more that are not listed here!

1. Rigaud Candles

This candle says yes! to me, my favorite smell is Cypres! 
It was Jackie O's favorite, what is good enough for Jackie is good enough for me. 
It isn't cheap but they last a (really) long time. 

2. Antlers

I adore antlers with earrings on them - Antlers are the best!

3. Chinese Jackets

I wear Chinese Jackets at the drop of a hat!
I love to go to China Town (any where) to look for wonderful items!

 4. John Saladino

Villa is one of his books. He just is the most wonderful designer ever-I think.

5. Monograms

I am Southern, and so proud of it!
Everything I had was monogrammed when I was growing up. 
Friends tell me "you will monogram it, if it stands still long enough!" and that is so true.
I like vintage monograms that are not my initials, I don't care! 

6. London, UK

I love London! 
Thank god, I have clients that hire me to redo their houses there.

Picture of me.

 7. Fireplaces

Love real fires in them. They look so cozy and inviting!

8. Jean Patou "1000"

This is my favorite perfume! It smells heavenly!

9. Lilies

These Lilies will last for days(remember to take those stamens off) 
plus they smell divine. 


10. Hand written notes / Thank you cards

I love to receive thank you cards but I really love to send them via snail mail.
They mean something so special to me.

So now you know things I love -

Tell me dear readers what you love!
I am wanting to know. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Peggy is it any wonder that I love so many of the same things. For perfume substitute Chanel #5.
    Beautiful Linens & Unique Mercury Glass as well.

    Art by Karena

    1. Karen we are kindred souls. Thanks for leaving a comment.
      love peggy

  2. love the antlers with earrings! just pinned it!

    1. Meg, thank you for stopping by the blog + leaving a comment. Antlers with earrings ahhhhhh. love peggy

  3. Ooooh, please take me with you to London :) Are any of your Chinese jackets old / vintage?
    PS - I love so many of the same things.

    1. Hi Loi...come with me to UK, we would have such fun!-as far as Chinese Jackets, some are ole(vintage), some are new!ha what ever I like. I am in grand company with your likes. love peggy