Friday, February 17, 2012

I heart Screens

I love and adore screens.
 In my humble opinion, they are the most underused items in a home.

They are all over at our shop, BRASWELL.

Chinese 6 panel screen

Same screen with a  picture hanging. 

Same screen with a Japanese scroll. 

A mirrored screened with wooden details.

We used paintings from the 40's to form a screen to separate the office from the shop.

I found this screen in Alabama. I adore the wood color and diamond glass panes.

Coconut screen in the left corner + Alabama screen in the right corner

Chinese short screen -  used for windows.

Hand painted screen + Pine screen

 Japanese 2 panel screen

Great Screen from France - glass, needlepoint and petite point.

A Fabulous 1930 stainless and bronze screen.

For a client, we floated the bed with a screen behind (my favorite way if you have room).
The screen was designed by me in LA and was made in China by traditional screen makers.

We stained the screen in that glorious color of sea foam. 

Unique because the screen was custom designed, both sides of the screen carved (most of the screens from China are carved only on one side).

 Behind the screen, a passageway & built in storage space.

Dear Readers,

 Tell me how you would use screens?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Peggy

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  1. I have a four panel dark screen with vivid flowers. Peggy I am thinking of using two of the panels and repainting in a softer hue with some silver leafing on it.

    Art by Karena

  2. Karena-sounds good + you use that screen, if possible. thanks for stopping by. xxpeggy