Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY- A rock for Valentine's

I made this for my dear friend, Wallace Bond years ago for Valentine's day. I brought it back with me after he passed away to remember him. Wallace was a teacher of all things chic.
I learned so much from him! I honoring him & his wife Tina today.

I learned how to make these gold leaf rocks from a magazine (can't remember which one) and wanted to share it with you.

At the beach reading Southern Accents! (with Wallace)

Wallace with his wife Tina going to a Safari party. 

Things you will need - rocks, gold or silver leaf (or less expensive substitute), adhesive, brush

Paint the shape of a heart with the adhesive on the rock,
leave for around 10-15 minutes until adhesive becomes tacky.

Place a sheet of leaf paper on the heart shaped area -
  When taking the leaf paper off, use a clean brush then it will come away easily.

Use a brush to remove and clean the excess leaf off of the surface. I used a pen to write on the rock.

This is what this Great Rock Valentine looks like.
Friends have used them as door stops, paper weights, etc.

Chuffy posing with the Great Rock Valentine

Use the template above so that the square in the center is big enough to fit whatever you want to tuck inside.

This is a self contained letter + envelope (you can fold this any size you would like)

Put your goodies inside the heart

I used sealing wax to seal the envelope containing little coral pieces. 

This is what the final product looks like

Sealing Wax - love this look!

 Valentines, they become keepsakes, so personal when you make them.

  Valentine's Day, Feb 14th
Dear readers, I have given you plenty of time to make yours! You can make these while watching the Super Bowl this Sunday!
Tell me what you're planning to do for Valentines.
 Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Peggy

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  1. Peggy these are wonderful Valentine's Gifts! I love the Gold and Silver Leaf Rocks!!

    Art by Karena

  2. that is so cute, and I love the herat letter with candy inside..and vax..I think Ill do that..lovely inspiration..and the beautiful stone heart for you friend, thats a nice story :)

  3. Thank you, Karena & Marie + Happy Valentines!-