Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Couch fit for Don Draper

I love the show MAD MEN! Have you noticed? Don "drapes" himself on couches?

Here is a couch for you Don Draper!

If you buy a well made couch you will have it for years, making a few changes-reupholster-change the arms-slipcovers-that is certainly a Green solution, and one that will safe you time and $$.

I could not find a stripe that I liked, so I made one from the blue and brown strip you see on the pillows; another great fabric for a perfect stripe could be men’s suiting fabric. I got some material (of the same weight) this happens to be linen and viola…here is the MAD MEN Sofa.

*TIP-Make sure you match the stripes-on the cushions with below stripe and stripe over the tight back of your sofa.

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