Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Nights in Chinatown

Every Saturday night in August LA Chinatown is having a street fair called Summer Nights..I Chinatown and this was a great excuse to go.

This was a street view of Chinatown...look at the full moon-perfect night

The trucks were out in full force with yummy food-this is one that features ice cream and there was a line!-a big line!  

A shop I have been buying from for years is Alex Cheung - interesting and amazing things..Alex will navigate the real china with you-the shop is on Chung King Road


Another shop which is also on Chung King Road - this festival in Chinatown goes on the month of August on Saturday demonstrations, all kinds of goodies-the people watching is GREAT!


  1. Congrats! Would love to check it our one night sadly we have come to the end of August...

  2. LOVE that you jumped! It looks great, really cool pix. Keep blogging and we'll keep checking in.
    sharon (lewis)