Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Most Underused Furniture - Screens

I have always adored screens, any shape or color. 
They are the most underused furniture in the home.
Here are some wonderful examples.

In the dining room! 
Simply wonderful.

In the office - this one is see through.

Love how he divided the room.


Screens can be hung on the wall.

Placed behind headboards.

Modern or traditional 

Between 2 doors - screens know no bounds.


Love the mirrors on this screen.

Old mirrors make this screen and table match.

Love this one!

They can be used to hide many things.
These are bifold wallpapered doors that look like a screen when opened.


My, my - I just adore this.

How divine is this one?
I happen to love blue & white pottery.

So tell me dear readers,
what do you think of these screens?
Aren't they the most underused furniture or what?



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  1. I love the fact that they are decorative, mobile and purposeful.
    Wonderful feature, Peggy!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. lynne, love them yes, they are decorative very mobile and purposeful, wonderful comment. love peggy

  2. I just love a screen especially the ones that have an openness to them like your second image…happy Sunday!

    1. love screens! any kind will do, thanks for your kind comment love peggy