Friday, January 24, 2014

Chinoiserie, Part I

I will go on record, as saying I adore chinoiserie.

My godfather Wallis told me years ago,
"Chinese anything is chic, after all, chinoiserie is the last & the first thing sophisticated people use."
 I believed him then + still do believe him. 
Of course, he said all this in his famous southern drawl. 

These examples of chinoiserie are from my Pinterest.

Aren't these chairs the best?
 Look at those panels!

I used a similar round Chinese door lock on a client's bar. 

Adore birdcages.
 Especially this one!


This looks like a folly to me.
I would love to find this at the end of my walk.

Love the pagodas on this sideboard.


This chair is beautiful.

A beautiful panel.

The wallpaper so beautiful.

Another folly, adore this.


So beautiful!

Love this lantern!


A bit of  lovely fabric.

Look at all the detail.

Wouldn't this be a conversation piece?

Dramatic red lantern!

 Tell me what your favorite piece is, dear readers.
I can't pick one, they all are wonderful I think.
( but of course I picked them) 



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  1. I want a garden folly decorated all in Chinoiserie!! Lately I've been loving faux bamboo furnishings and now want to start a small collection. You've inspired me, Peggy :)

    1. go for it Loi + you will love it I promise. love peggy

  2. My grandmother loved and styled her home in Chinoiserie!
    Eternally transported me to my grandparents home in the bay area 50 years ago!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Peggy!

    1. love chinoiserie, your grandmother was chic + glad it brought back meories

  3. Hello peggy!

    Thank you for stopping by today! That jade green screen and blue fabric calls out me and indeed is so elegant and timeless! Enjoy the beauty! Anita

    1. hi anita, that screen & fabric are really something + thank you for the sweet comment + love your blog. love peggy