Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day Of Summer

The above photo gives you a grand picture of the sand and water.

That is a picture of Ashley, my daughter when she was little. 

Ashley was so adorable in those white sun glasses. 

That is seaweed that has washed up on the beach. 

Ashley had the curliest hair when she was little!

Hmmm, don't know who that little boy is!

The pictures were taken in Pensacola, Fla.

They have the whitest sand and bluest water...

Ashley, my daughter was having such a grand time!

What are you doing for the summer, dear readers?

Happy Beginning of Summer!



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  1. Hello Peggy

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful memories of Ashley as a child on beautiful Pensacola beach.
    A child is happy by the ocean?
    Helen xx

    1. Thanks Helen, she was a great little girl + an even more wonderful young woman.
      love peggy

  2. How dear is Ashley! I miss those years.
    Mr D and I would escape to the Gulf when he was stationed at Ft. Rucker in 1974.
    I still remember how amazed I was when I first set my eyes on the white sand!
    Have a wonderful week, Peggy!

    1. Lynne,the sand is white + blue warm water of the Gulf. Thank you for the sweet comment. I really appreciate it! peggy

  3. These photographs are heavenly, Peggy... so precious and how sweet was Ashley... Totally adorable...
    Happy weekend and I hope it's beautiful sunshine for you... xv

    1. Vicki, she is precious now + then. Thanks for stopping by the blog. love peggy