Friday, October 19, 2012

Doors to kitchen wall

I adore rooms within rooms so when I got the chance to do one, I jumped!

I decided to use unfinished doors with glass panels.

This shows the finished room looking toward the front door of the shop.

We had to make the wall of doors earthquake proof (California you know), stable.
We put steel bars up to the ceiling!

Here is another picture of  how the wall was secured to the ceiling before the doors were painted.

The bottom of the doors were put in grooves made out of wood mouldings.
Here you can see the raw wood of the doors before they were painted before the door to the kitchen was put on.

This shows the way the doors were painted & were put together with moulding.

A friend suggested I put the door that opens to the kitchen at an angle, grand idea!
The hardware for the door that opened to kitchen was an antique from Liz's Hardware in Los Angeles. They have a great selection to choose from.
A magnet was inserted to keep it closed.

This picture shows the privacy film on the glass panels.
I wanted to buy the doors already etched but they were way too expensive.
So this is what I came up with - raw wooden doors with privacy film on glass panels.

Janet lovingly applied the privacy film on the glass.

I used  Gila  frosted privacy window film.
You can get the privacy film here or here.

My room within a room with painted wooden doors!

I was able to hide the kitchen which was in the middle of the shop.
You could do this in your home or in a loft.

Remember the kitchen in the movie Three Men & a Baby?
I adored that kitchen and I created my own version.

What do you think of this, dear readers?

Let me know!

Have a lovely weekend...



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  1. Peggy ~ Wow! I think this is the first time I've seen "long views" of your shop. Really cool space. Such tall ceilings. Love your wonderful to have that in the shop. The etched film is a great idea.....will file this away for a future project.

  2. Peggy, your shop is looking so good! Perfect idea for the kitchen!

    2012 Artists Series

  3. Your shop really looks marvelous.and I do love the idea with thekitchen //Marie