Friday, September 7, 2012

Chinese Antique Shopping

I went shopping with a client for Chinese furniture.

Found a shop in Chinatown that has a large separate warehouse nearby. 
Los Angeles has lots of Chinese products. 

What fun we had!

The warehouse was huge with tons of items!

Here are just a few photos of what we saw-

This was such an amazing place!

The warehouse had so many rooms to wander through. 

I will show in a future post what my client bought. 
Real Chinese antiques are getting harder to find- real antiques not replicas...

Li Hing Of Hong Kong, Inc.


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  1. Peggy that looks great. Looking forward to seeing how you put it all together.

    And remember I paint "Chinese" too!

    see here:

    1. Hi Scott! thank you for the sweet comment! love peggy

  2. Hi Peggy -
    Wow, how big is this warehouse? I'd love to visit when I am next in LA....I have 2 sisters in LA. Thanks for the photos, and most importantly, the address :) You are wonderful for sharing!

    1. It is after room of stuff! thanks for the comment. lovepeggy

  3. PS - Yes, I totally agree: real Chinese antiques are difficult to locate and the market is flooded with reproductions.

  4. Thanks for providing this information. Antiques are pretty good as well. I have also used their chinese antiques.

  5. Their antiques are wonderful. Thanks for your comment, Cameron! love peggy