Friday, December 9, 2011

Dennis Severs' House - London

I had heard about this Dennis Severs' House tour since the 90's but this last trip to UK, I finally took this amazing tour. 

The experience was really indescribable.

Lighted only by Candles, there are smells of food cooking, food on the tables half eaten, sounds of the household(They have speakers throughout the house). The tour takes about 45 minutes. I did not read (sorry) about no camera's allowed so I was clicking away madly... until one of the floor supervisors politely told me the policy. (there is a kind person on every floor, there to answer questions and guide you.) You must see this place - takes your breath away. (At least it took my breath!)

The attention to detail is quite beyond the beyond. 

Here are some pictures I took. Enjoy!

 Dennis lived in the house until his death -(loyal friends came in to care for him) the house has no electricity, running water - excuse me, this was amazing!!!!! 

If you ever have a chance to go visit, make sure you call and make a reservation. Spaces are limited and you don't want to miss this!
There is this website that has information of the tour here.

 Also the Dennis Severs' House website has general information as well.

18 Folgate Street
London E1 6BX

+44 (0) 20 7247 4013

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  1. Peggy I have read some of the background about Severs and this home. To tour it must have been an experience indeed!

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    Art by Karena

  2. Karena-the Severs home is amazing. Thanks for the kind post + now over to your blog.

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