Friday, October 14, 2011

Blogs I Love Part II

This is a continuation of my favorite blogs(much too long for one post) - I hope you have peaked at a few of them, 'cause I think they are here we go!

Jennifer reports on all things from Atlanta (being Southern, I love it!)

Cecelia is fabulous - gives me a chance to see what other countries are doing.

Ronda really gets around + reports on grand happenings

Right up my alley because I love most things Chinese.

Greet is so gracious - just a great read from Belgium

Karena is the best! She has great giveaways.

I found this amazing blog by looking at comments (psss - a grand way to find sites you adore.)

Marisa always has such interesting posts. ALWAYS!

Brooke- I adore her designs + all her posts

Classic Style (Dream Life in City)
this is out of Stockholm-always Great - (trust me!)

I could go on & on, these are just a few of the blogs I look at, 
dear readers.
I have learned so much from each one (any day that I learn something new is exciting). 
Send me your favorites blogs.
I would love to hear which ones ya'll read.
(oops! there is that Southern ya'll sneakin out) 


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  1. Peggy I came to visit and look what I found. I am so honored to part of this esteemed group of bloggers!Thank you so very much.

    Oh,and I do have a Dezigner Pillows Giveaway, I hope you will join in!

    Art by Karena

  2. Of course you are one of the blogger sites, you are so welcome! xxpeggy

  3. What a wonderful selection of blogs...most I am familiar with and some that I am excited about visiting!! Thanks for the suggestions ~

  4. HI Peggy, great to see all your favourites in the one place. Thanks for being so generous and sharing. Carla