Saturday, July 16, 2011

DYI - Many uses of Joss Paper

Saturday - Tip 
One of my favorite things to work with is Joss paper. 

 Joss paper is paper printed with various representations of earthly goods, such as money, which is burned during ceremonies meant to honor ancestors in some parts of Asia. Paper designed to represent money is the most common form, although Joss paper can also represent houses, cars, credit cards, and an assortment of other things. It is typically made of white bamboo or rice paper, and may be decorated with seals or stamps. 

  Living in LA, I can buy Joss paper in China Town - (I am so blessed to have China town). You can buy Joss paper online here to those who prefer shopping online.

  Joss paper comes in a variety of heavenly (literally) images or plain with Gold/Silver leaf - in all different sizes. I adore all of it!
Notepad - I use Joss paper for taking messages.

Party favor - Here you see a stack of Joss paper wrapped with gold ribbon and a gold pen at dinner parties.
After dinner I ask the guests to write a wish and we burn them,so fun for everyone.  
Each new year, I write my wishes for the New Year on Joss paper and burn it, sending wishes soaring toward the heavens. ( I believe it works magic) 

Gift wrap - I use it to wrap gifts. It works for all occasions!

Decor - I put it on a framed mirror using Mod Podge.  If it is standing still I will cover it with Joss paper!

Recently, a group of my friends got together and covered blank notebooks in Joss paper to be used as "miracle books".
I will take you step by step through covering a book - Get ready!

 You will need a blank notebook with no spirals (I prefer lined paper - if not my writing goes all over the place), glue stick, Mod Podge (Gloss), sponge brush, scissors, ribbon and Joss paper of your choice. 

1. Glue Joss paper to the book (I use a glue stick), inside, outside and spine. You can trim the paper to the notebook edge or fold it inside and glue it.

2.  Use a foam brush and put Mod Podge all over Joss paper - It may create air bubbles but from my experience, the bubbles disappear once it completely dries.

 3. Put a second coat of Mod Podge once the first coat dries, stand the book and let it dry for 2 to 3 days. 

4. Put a piece of ribbon to use as a bookmark. (This is optional)

Here is the final product!

This process works for anything you would like to cover. Mod Podge is magic stuff.

 dear readers and let me know what you covered:)))))) 

For all of us who live in LA, CA-the 405 Freeway is closed this weekend sooooo this is a grand time to cover those books! Stay Safe + off the freeways.
I Surely AM!

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  1. I love the covered books Peggy...Joss paper is gorgeous and I am lucky to have a Chinatown in London...I am always stocking up and taking things down to France....xv

  2. Thank you Vicki for stopping by the blog.

  3. we dont have any china town in Sweden ;)) but simiar stores with this lovely paper, love your idea to write your wish on a paper I will do that this yerar for my guest :)) Marie

  4. Hi Marie...Oh, do ask your guest to write their wishes on the paper, men seem to love to do this as well as women + the Joss paper is beautiful. Thank you for the kind comment. xx

  5. I used the joss paper to line envelopes with. Sometimes I use the grey paper with the silver leaf and sometimes the saffron with the gold.


  6. I've bought Joss papers for the First time yesterday. Tonight, at New Year party,in Brazil, I'll use them with friends. Thanks for the tios!